3 Simple Strategies to Take Care of Yourself Right Now

How to reconnect with yourself in this hectic world

Photo by Alex Alvarez on Unsplash

Be compassionate with yourself

Ryan felt like a fraud at work. He got intimidated by colleagues who were good at their jobs. He thought that their competence meant that he was less worthy himself. He constantly sought affirmation from his boss, and he got disheartened when he did not get it. When I told Ryan that he could learn to appreciate and love himself irrespective of what others thought or did, he found the idea challenging. He had grown up in a family that constantly compared him to others.

Take care of your body and wellbeing

Bob had a successful career and a lovely family. His rise in the corporate world was meteoric, and his bosses and team members loved him. He worked hard, often spending his days in back-to-back meetings. He frequently skipped breakfast and even lunch. After the kids were in bed, he would tidy up the house and put on the dishwasher. And then it was “me-time.” He would smoke a cigarette with a glass of juice or a beer. Open a chocolate bar and watch Netflix until late. The next morning, he would wake up tired, as he would not allow enough time for sleep.

Release your inner artist

Jess was an advertising executive in a global multinational. She came to coaching because she wanted to improve her leadership presence. She struggled to connect with the internal stakeholders in her company. The feedback she got was that she came across as robotic and as if she did not enjoy her work. That was not true; she did enjoy her job. She simply tried to come across as “professional” in her internal communications, and as a result, she did not express much emotion or take any risk.

Executive Coach at www.theleaderpath.com. Former Google business leader. Fast Company & Thrive Global Contributor.

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