In the scale-up stage, it is all about the people.

Workable Employees Working Together

Nikos Moraitakis and Spyros Magiatis launched Workable in 2012. They were frustrated with the effort it took to recruit suitable candidates, and they decided to fix it. Six years and 50 million candidates later, Workable was already the leading hiring platform in the world. They had offices across three continents and hundreds of employees.

In November 2018, they raised an additional $50 million to make the company even better. A couple of months later, I received a call from the CEO Nikos Moraitakis. He wanted to discuss coaching.

Five founders share how they overcame their fear.

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It was time. My best friend at work said that he would walk me out of the building and take my badge. I would not be a Google employee anymore.

I wanted to spend the rest of my life as an entrepreneur. I felt “uncomfortably excited.”

After leaving my cushy job to start a business, I coached several other leaders to do the same. For this article, I interviewed some of these leaders to give you an insight into this transition. …

How to reconnect with yourself in this hectic world

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Do you find it difficult to reconnect with yourself? When you feel something in your life is not quite working as you would like? When you believe you are not good enough? When you neglect your self-care to serve others?

I want to share with you three simple, yet effective strategies that helped my clients reconnect and realign with themselves. Here are their insightful stories.

Be compassionate with yourself

Ryan felt like a fraud at work. He got intimidated by colleagues who were good at their jobs. He thought that their competence meant that he was less worthy himself. He constantly sought affirmation from…

It’s not them, it’s you

Photo by Brooke Lark on Unsplash. Behave like a boss or like your boss?

I would never want to manage an employee like myself in my 20s. I resented following orders. I disliked it when my boss got to present my work instead of me. I often thought that I would prefer not to have a boss. I was a nightmare.

Early on, I could get away with it. I avoided much contact with my bosses and focused on being good at my job. I was lucky enough to have many managers who enjoyed my independence and were happy to delegate. I quickly rose through the ranks.

But, at some point, my disdain towards…

Do not feel guilty to embrace joy

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I read on my Facebook feed that some people struggle to feel grateful right now. I was surprised. I feel more gratitude than ever. Some people feel horrible because they have been hit really hard by the pandemic. For others, the current situation has triggered mental health issues. We need to help both of those groups.

I believe that there is a third miserable group. They are the ones who believe that it is their duty to be sad this period, given the suffering there is in the world. They are wrong.

By feeling horrible you are not helping anyone…

Coach yourself to clarity

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Mary was unhappy with her job. There was an urgency in her voice as she asked me whether I could help her. She was a senior partner at a VC, but she felt something was wrong in her career.

“The problem is that I do not know what I want to do,” she said. “I know I do not want to be here. But I cannot think of what else I would like to do. I am stuck.”

She wanted to start coaching immediately. For a moment, I felt the desperation and the anxiety of someone who does not know…

A letter to my daughter

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You are six years old. I am so proud of you. I know you will follow your path and learn from your own mistakes. And maybe what worked for me will not work for you. Or the world will change so much that my wisdom will become irrelevant. So hold the following lessons lightly. I came to them through trial and error and sometimes a few tears. Maybe you will find them helpful. Are you ready to hear them?

1. You will often need to say no to something good to make space for something better.

I said no to a good job offer while I was unemployed. …

The truth about struggle and progress

Photo by Paula May on Unsplash: You can see that there is a path that is way easier than the rest for the top of this mountain

People told you that success requires blood and tears, suffering, and sacrifices. Gary Vee will often say that you need to grind for years before you are successful. Well, that is not true. I will make my case for the opposite in this article and in the end, you can decide for yourself.

What do you mean success feels easy?

You may feel offended by the word easy, so let me explain. I do not mean that you can have success by just binge-watching Netflix and hoping to receive a check in the post. I do not mean you do not have to work. …

How to stop sabotaging your executive brand

You want to exude executive presence and establish your credibility as a leader. You work hard delivering results. You take care of how you dress and your body posture. You practice your presentation skills.

Still, building an executive leadership brand is not easy. Many times you are negatively surprised when you read your feedback reviews. How can you make sure the key people in your career talk about you the way you want them to?

I turned to Brenda Bence, one of the top executive coaches in the world and leadership branding expert to help me answer that question. …

A few weeks ago I attended Unleash the Power Within, a 4-day seminar by Tony Robbins. It was a birthday gift from my husband. Tony Robbins is arguably the most successful coach in the world. You need to pay a million dollars to be coached one-to-one by him. He was coaching the president of the United States when he was 31. He has also coached Serena Williams among others.

You would assume he started with powerful connections but no. He was chased out of the house by his mother with a knife when he was 16. Now, he fills arenas…

Caterina Kostoula

Executive Coach at Former Google business leader. Fast Company & Thrive Global Contributor.

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