I agree that there is no fixed formula and every time we need to make a judgment call. Also, I totally agree we should enjoy the journey. The whole point is to enjoy our relationship with our children.

I am not sure about not going too deep into the good and the bad. For most of us, raising our children will be the most important job we will ever do. Nobody trained us. There is tons of misguided advice out there. And most of us make parenting mistakes out of ignorance rather than bad intentions.

I think it is worth spending time looking at the research even though it is not always clear-cut or helpful. It is worth thinking through what works for our children and us.

I believe the reason a lot of us avoid doing it, is the fear of finding out we have been doing something wrong. Which I totally understand. I fill a pinch in my heart when I read research that kids should not go to the nursery before three years old. I can just turn a blind eye to it. Decide not to go too deep into the good and the bad. Or I can face the data and then see how I can deal with any potential negative consequences my decisions have had on my daughter.

We are not perfect parents. We do not need to be. But I think we should do our best to be informed and do a good enough job.

Executive Coach at www.theleaderpath.com. Former Google business leader. Fast Company & Thrive Global Contributor.

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