Why I have a lot to be grateful right now.

Do not feel guilty to embrace joy

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  • I speak to friends and family more; the crisis brought us closer together.
  • I am going to see my husband more, as he started working from home.
  • This virus does not seem to put the kids in significant danger — thankfully!
  • Even with social distancing, I get to cuddle my kids and get a lot of oxytocin through the human touch. Many people who live alone are not that lucky. Maybe pet adoption should go up?
  • I can help those who are not so lucky. Last week, my company signed a contract to support a Greek charity, The Smile of The Child.
  • Some speaking and team coaching cancellations gave me the time to decompress, write, and strategize.
  • My team has the skills to help the world in this crisis — we build professional relationships that people use for their growth. The world needs relationships and growth more than ever.
  • I see everyday acts of kindness and inspiration. I welled up when I read the Chinese poem that Japan wrote when they sent supplies to China: “Even though we live at different places, we live under the same sky.” China used a Roman poem when they sent supplies to Italy: “We are waves of the same sea.” In my neighborhood, a group came together to provide supplies to the elderly. Businesses offer resources for free. People support small business owners who might struggle through the close-downs. We are becoming better humans through this.
  • Our great grandparents were called to war. We are called to sit on our sofa. We can do this!

Executive Coach at www.theleaderpath.com. Former Google business leader. Fast Company & Thrive Global Contributor.

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